A Friend 's House

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Elegant Barn

A Friend's House barn was originally a working barn, it has been transformed to become the scene of many memorable receptions, dances and even ceremonies. The “Loft Ballroom” is the renovated and decorated hay loft, which comes alive with white tulle and twinkling lights suspended from its 30 foot ceiling, and lining the walls. Some say it is “rustic elegance” and others say it’s in a beautiful class all by itself. One thing is for sure, everyone says they love it. And what better way to ride into your new life together than with a romantic carriage ride (additional fees apply). 

Bridal Cottage

The Bridal Cottage was originally built by the railroad in the 1880’s as a ticket office for Kragnes, Minnesota. The structure is the oldest building on A Friend's House grounds.  It seems this was the ticket office and home for the ticket agent.  Later it served as a temporary home for the Olness family, whom built the "Mansion" in 1902.  After that, it served as a guest house for family members, a bunkhouse for hired hands and later it also was a gift boutique shop.  Now remodeled (with air conditioning and heat!) it serves as the “dressing room” for the bride and her bridesmaids.  It’s also a quaint and peaceful sanctuary for the bride to escape to in the last half hour or so before the ceremony...to catch her breath after the photo session, to touch up hair and make-up and to gather her thoughts before walking down the aisle on her special day.

Barn & Cottage

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