A Friend 's House

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 Where Memories Are Created

John Olness family and relatives from southern Minnesota celebrating after the completion of the house in 1902.
Historical photo from 1902 donated by Marge Brantner of Moorhead, Minnesota

Historical Landmark

The house was built as a family home by John Olness in 1902, and serving as a family home for a number of different families since (still doing so today) has become a landmark for those who travel through Kragnes, Minnesota on Highway 75. It is on both the State and National Registers of Historic Places, and has a special place in the memories of so many who “grew up" driving past it when they went to town, wondering what it was like to live there. Now it serves as a backdrop to your special occasion day...many beautiful photographs have been taken on its porch, at the “round garden” and with the house in the distance with the bride and groom on the expansive front lawn. Take a tour of the grounds. Visit the personal bridal cottage, the historic church, the beautiful gazebo and the unique and elegant barn. Watch your wedding dreams come to life while touring these truly unique wedding grounds.